Проектирование в графическом дизайне

Dress made of printed fabric
Artist: anonymous
Place: Netherlands
Dating: c. 1775 - c. 1785
Material: cotton (textile), chintz
Measurements: l 107.0 cm
Pair of ankle-length boots with shoe
Artist: Chalopin
Place: Paris
Dating: c. 1830 - c. 1840
Material: shoe: silk; stocking: silk; lining: linen (material); insole: goatskin
Measurements: l 25.5 cm × w 6 cm × h 13 cm
Parasol with a carved ivory handle
Artist: anonymous
Place: unknown
Dating: c. 1816
Material: ivory, silk
Measurements: l 76.5 cm × s 65 cm × d 12 cm
Pair of gloves with tassels
Artist: anonymous
Place: England (possibly)
Dating: c. 1860
Material: calf (leather), copper (metal), silk
Measurements: l 21 cm × w 6.8 cm
Irregular wavy folding collar of linen bat
Artist: anonymous
Place: Northern Netherlands (possibly)
Dating: c. 1615 - c. 1635
Material: board: linen (material); pleated strip: linen (material); brand: silk
Measurements: h 3 cm × c 38 cm; l 1950 cm × w 13 cm
Bezel bag with elongated pouch of fine paints
Artist: anonymous
Place: Netherlands (possibly)
Dating: c. 1900 - c. 1910
Material: bracelet: iron (metal); malware and filigree: german silver; chain: iron (metal); block: ebony (wood)
Measurements: l 23.5 cm × w 8.6 cm × h 0.7 cm; w 8.6 cm;
w 8.5 cm × w 10.5 cm; w 2.8 cm × l 0.5 cm; l 5.2 cm
Bonnet coiffure of green velvet
Artist: anonymous
Place: Netherlands (possibly)
Dating: c. 1865 - c. 1880
Material: whole bowl: velvet (fabric weave); decoration: gilding (material)
Measurements: h 17 cm; d 18 cm
Folding fan
Artist: anonymous
Place: France
Dating: c. 1783 - c. 1784
Material: leaf: silk; painting: gouache (paint); lovers: metal;
frame: beans (material); locking pin: glass, silver (metal)
Measurements: s 51 cm × l 27.8 cm